All-round DevOps Engineer

Job description

We are looking for an enthusiastic all-round DevOps Engineer to join our IT operations team in Groningen. Your daily work will be developing, maintaining and safeguarding the highly available and high performance infrastructure of our ticketing platform. This involves operational work like troubleshooting complex incidents and disruptions but also larger projects that provide infrastructural quality boosts. Our team members are effectively Python programmers, Linux system administrators, MySQL DBAs and SAAS administrators all at the same time, which means there’s always something interesting to sink your teeth into!


  • Bachelor degree (preferably in Computer Science or a related field).
  • Fluent in Dutch and/or English, good English communication skills are important.
  • Ability to work equally well alone (self sufficiency) as in a team (supporting each other).
  • You need to be comfortable with Linux command line system administration including a good understanding of the management of headless Linux servers through SSH.
  • Experience with Python is a big plus but more important is that you have an inherent interest in programming, preferably with a focus on the automation of Linux system administration and the integration of services through APIs.
  • You get bonus points if you can demonstrate good quality (preferably Python) code that automates system administration tasks, authored by you and released as open source!
  • We use web services such as AWS, Fogbugz, G Suite, Office 365, Zendesk and Zoho CRM so any existing experience you have with these or comparable services speaks to your advantage.
  • We operate and maintain our own hardware to host our ticketing platform so you need to be comfortable managing bare metal machines.
  • We use open source software including Apache, Celery, Docker, Git, GitLab, Jenkins, KVM, Linux, Locust, Mercurial, (Percona) MySQL, Nginx, Python, Redis, Ubuntu and Zabbix and we’re experts at “taking a look under the hood” when analyzing incidents or developing new automations and integrations - the same will be expected of you.
  • Our team is responsible for an “emergency shift” and you will be expected to participate.


What are we looking for

Whether you’re a programmer who’s into system administration or a system administrator who’s into programming, as long as you can demonstrate high quality programming skills and a solid understanding of Linux system administration, we’re looking for someone like you!


What we offer

In this full time position in Groningen you will be part of a small team of IT operations specialists where you will get the freedom and the flexibility to develop yourself and take the infrastructure of our ticketing platform to the next level. Salary is in line with experience, full time employment of 40 hours per week. We offer a fantastic office environment as expected from a top tech company.


Up for the challenge?

If you want to apply click on the button “Apply now” and send us your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions you can contact our Head of Operational IT Peter Odding. Applications are accepted in Dutch and English.