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Job description

About Paylogic

At Paylogic, we develop and maintain a highly scalable and flexible ticketing platform that has made us the leader of many markets. With this solid foundation, our open strategy and an exciting innovative roadmap we are looking to grow our existing experienced tech team in Groningen and Amsterdam (NL).

Are you ready to change the way major well-known international brands interact with their fans? We offer a white-label ticketing solution to many of the big names in the events industry such as Tomorrowland, Sensation, Andre Rieu and Defqon, selling millions of tickets every year, including peak sales where we serve more than 1 million interested fans in a single sale.

Our goal for the coming years is to offer more services to our clients, which they can sell to their fans via our platform. We will also change the way events interact with fans, by creating a new user-centric (personalized) view on e-commerce.


Come and join our Tech department! We challenge each other every day to be the best, come up with new ideas and apply the latest cutting edge technology solutions. We believe in the freedom to develop new ideas and to test, fail and retry to come to awesome new features and changing industry standards.  

What we are looking for? 

Are you the type of person who knows how to use a framework or one who needs to know how that framework works? Do you see beauty in the functionality of a product or in the inner workings of it?

We are looking for creators not users.

Do you get excited by the prospect of working on business critical, high load concurrent systems? Do you cherish technical freedom within your work? Convince your peers, develop your ideas and then share it with the world - that’s how we work!

The market we are innovating within is high energy, extremely competitive and has many technical challenges. We depend on our team of innovative creators to keep us above the rest - are you up for the challenge?


  • Bachelor degree (preferably in Computer science or related fields)

  • Expert in Python with a thorough knowledge of at least one Python Framework (Django, Flask…)

  • Expert in ORM’s (SQLAlchemy) and query optimization practices

  • OOP & Design patterns

  • Experience in Async/non blocking programming

  • Experience in task queues such as celery

  • Experience in Automated testing

  • Inherent curiosity into how things are made and how they work

  • Bonus points for: contribution to open source projects; high availability systems; AWS, distributed version control workflows.

  • You are fun to hang out with and love working in a young international team

  • Ability to work equally well both in a team or on a solo effort

  • Fluent in English

What we offer

This full time position in Groningen or Amsterdam is a unique opportunity to have a great position at a successful, growing, dynamic and international company. Salary is in line with experience, full time employment of 40 hours per week. A fantastic office environment as expected from a top tech company.

More information on Paylogic: https://www.paylogic.com/en/about

Are you up for the challenge?

If you want to apply, click on the button "Apply for this job" and send your resume and cover letter. If you have any questions contact our Technology Director Sean Murphy. Applications are accepted in English.

In the context of the application procedure we check the (business) LinkedIn profile of our applicants.